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"Fragmentarium is a digital research laboratory for medieval manuscript fragments. It enables libraries, collectors, researchers and students to publish images of medieval manuscript fragments, allowing them to catalogue, describe, transcribe, assemble and re-use them.”

Fragmentarium Phase II aims to establish the discipline of Fragmentology by sponsoring, coordinating and collaborating with numerous international research projects, developing the guidelines and materials necessary for scientific research, and transforming the Fragmentarium platform into an open research laboratory.Thanks to the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation (100011_156569/1), private foundations, and the active collaboration of 16 leading manuscript libraries in Europe and North America, work on the digital platform Fragmentarium ( began in June 2015. Taking an international and cooperative approach, the project has given new energy to the until-now neglected research into medieval manuscript fragments. Over the course of the first phase of the project, twelve case studies and two ongoing Ph.D. theses have demonstrated the richness and diversity of the fieldwork. Through an interoperable web application and new guidelines on the description and digital reproduction of manuscript fragments, the project has laid the scientific foundations for fragmentology, a promising distinct field of medieval manuscript studies.Given the success of the first phase of the project, the project partners met at the Second Planning Meeting in St. Gall (August 30 - September 1, 2017) and agreed to participate in and support a second phase.

The Laboratory, which until now was accessible to only a few project partners, will be gradually transformed into an Open Research Library, and made accessible to a large number of collections, archives, and museums for research and teaching. Most importantly, fragment research will be strengthened not only by research fellowships with individual scholars, but also by partnerships with an increasing number of multi-year fragment projects. In addition, Fragmentarium will organize and participate in events aimed at forming researchers and developing research, including workshops, digital humanities (DH) laboratories, seminars, cataloguing courses, as well as a graduate course.

The results will be scholarly and perduring: in addition to dozens of articles and the first-ever comprehensive handbook on the field of fragmentology, the project will publish electronically at least ten thousand manuscript fragments - images and scholarly descriptions - on a consolidated Open Science platform adhering to the FAIR Data Principles. Already the focal point for international research on fragments, Fragmentarium will at the end of the project play a major role in medieval manuscript studies in the digital age; after the completion of the project, it will continue to serve as a hub of publication and research for the next generation of scholarship.

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